Klaatu Software ONLINE

Below are a collection of "Online" applications.
Simply click on a LINK 'once only' to bring up a JavaScript application in a new Window.
Your Browser must be at least "Version 4" compatable for the applications to run correctly.

Peek A Boo

Guest Book: Read and/or Write comments about anything you like...Gulp!
Search For Nem: Yes! It's that old favourite. Now play the online version.
Looker: Go on, have a look!
Seti Agent: Calculate the possibilities of receiving radio signals from other worlds!
Lotto Buster: Automatic lottery number selector.
Easy Shares: Works out whether or not a particular SHARE is worth buying.
Kitty Cam: Live feed of my cat Ralph!
Decide: Here's an application that can help you make those important decisions.
Viewer: Want to know what the System Administator knows about you?

Peek A Boo
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